List of herbal tea to treat anxiety

Each of the people will have certain characters to handle their stress level and there are so many techniques to over your anxiety disorder. One of that is having the herbal tea, but when someone says this to you, you will be thinking whether it is possible to control or handle the anxiety disorder. The tea products can overcome the stress and the studies have revealed that the tea is good for anxiety scientifically.

The herbal tea is going to help you in handling the anxiety and others can be used as a complementary therapy to handle your stress level. But you have to prefer the right herbal tea because there are so many varieties in the herbal tea. Among some of the best tea for anxiety are coming below;

Peppermint tea

The peppermint tea product is caffeine-free and the people think they are the peppermint but it is a hybrid mint of water mint and spearmint. The reason why the peppermint is suggested to anxiety is the aroma of this herbal tea can reduce your stress and also help in the reduction of anxiety. Other than this they also contain the methanol it in and it is a muscle relaxer so through relaxing your muscles it gives calmness.


It is also a caffeine-free product and like a flower, everyone knows lavender but the majority of people don’t know they can treat your anxiety. They are not only used as an essential oil, for their excellent aroma it is considered to be the calming herb. Only a few studies have revealed that they can handle anxiety in human this is the reason why most people don’t know about it. You can also have good sleep and improvement in mental health through the lavender tea intake.

Marshmallow root

Most of the people like to have the marshmallow root tea because of their fantastic taste and aroma. They not only support your anxiety disorder, but they also help you in relieving stomach related ailments.

peppermint tea


The chamomile is considered to be one of the world’s oldest medicinal herb and now with the help of these chamomile flowers, the tea products are produced. They give the sweet flavor to the tea and also as the calming benefits.

Final words

Here are some of the tea to help with anxiety, other than this you can also prefer the blend tea products they can also show you the best results in anxiety.