Can stress lead to weight loss?

Most of this generation are living their life with a lot of stress and depressions and it may be due to any reasons. Everyone has to play their battels and face their stress levels too, but one thing is when the stress level increases automatically the weight of your body get decreases day today. Most people don’t even have an idea about stress cause weight loss in them.

Generally, the stress has a direct impact on the weight but you say surely there will be only weight loss. Because in some cases the stress has increased their body weight twice than before, so it may get varies person to person and their situations. The stress related weight loss can be seen is the majority of people, the main reason for the weight loss is when the people start getting worried about something they usually skip their foods and also have poor choices of food. At the same time, weight can be regained to a normal state when their stress level decreases.

anxiety disorderBelow are the symptoms of the stress weight loss, if you are the one who is getting suffered from the weight you can ensure whether it is due to your stress or not;

  • When you have a problem you start to think about it more and more and that ends up with a severe headache and due to this tension, you can experience the mood swings more often than the normal days.
  • Due to wrong choices of foods or taking foods after a long time can lead to indigestion and that results with a stomach ache.
  • You also feel difficulty sleeping as a result you will stay asleep all night. Because of this, the heart rate get increases and the stress also affects your personal life.

What happens when you have an anxiety disorder?

Generally, the body can control the stress level to safeguard you from affecting server nerve disorders. When you have high-level stress then it activates the stress response and that increases the ability to face the threats and that response is said to be a flight or fright response. At the same time, the body also starts secreting the stress-related hormones that are to protect your organs from affected by stress. By the way, these hormones also increase the body’s metabolism rate.

stress level

Final thoughts

The weight loss from stress is very common among this generation of people but each one has to grab knowledge on how to handle those stresses or else it may lead you to face mental issues later all.