Can type-3 diabetes be cured?

The majority of this generation people are getting affected with diabetes as per the records. There are so many reasons for getting diabetes it may also include the lifestyle or food habits of an individual. Diabetes mellitus is a condition where the body losses its capacity to convert the sugar into energy molecules so that the glucose starts to accumulate in your bloodstream. This is the way the individual gets affected with diabetes and typically there are three kinds of diabetes. There are as follows;

Type-1 diabetes is a chronic condition here your endocrine part of the pancreas could not produce enough amount of insulin hormone. So the blood glucose level increases.

Type-2 diabetes, here your body creates the ability to resist insulin hormone. So the sugar content of the blood becomes high.

Gestational diabetes usually affects pregnant ladies. During their pregnancy the blood sugar level gets increases.

Other than these three the third type of diabetes is now classified by the researchers and that comes with Alzheimer’s disease. It is said to be the type-3 diabetes mellitus, the term is proposed to explain the hypothesis that is Alzheimer’s disease. Everyone knows that Alzheimer’s causes dementia in an affected individual and this is due to the type of insulin resistance and in this case, they also create the insulin-like dysfunction specifically that occurs in the brain.

There is a question that is revolving on the internet is the diabetes type 3 be cured, the fact is no it cannot be cured. Because there is no proper treatment and medication is available for Alzheimer’s diseases.

Most people even don’t have an idea about Alzheimer’s disease, when they get to know about their severity they can understand what type of treatment for diabetes type 3 is available now.

third type of diabetes

The studies have revealed that most of the type 2 diabetes patients have a high risk of getting Alzheimer’s in their future days. Especially when they don’t take the proper treatment they are highly prone to Alzheimer’s disease.

Diabetes causes the chemical imbalance in the brain and that triggers Alzheimer’s in the individual and now in very rare cases the cure for type 3 diabetes becomes available. But it is only possible when it was diagnosed in their initial stages.

Final words

There is a very low chance of cure for type-3 diabetes mellitus. When you have diabetes it is necessary to take the proper treatment because in untreated cases only highly prone to the third type of diabetes.