The diabetes mellitus can cause sudden weight loss

When you are experiencing a sudden weight loss, it may be the symptom of your diabetes mellitus. Generally when the body losses its weight without taking any diet it will be an indication of any diseases, in terms of medical the unexplained weight loss is dangerous for humans.

Difference between healthy and unhealthy foods 

People belonging to this generation are giving importance to the taste of the food, not to the nutrients of the foods. Everyone is looking to have delicious foods, not the nutritious foods and this is the reason why most of the people are getting affected by different kinds of diseases.

Can stress lead to weight loss?

Most of this generation are living their life with a lot of stress and depressions and it may be due to any reasons. Everyone has to play their battels and face their stress levels too, but one thing is when the stress level increases automatically the weight of your body get decreases day today.